CAD Design

Working With You

We offer a computer aided design (CAD) service for our shopfitting and bespoke joinery.  Using state of the art CAD drawings and modelling we are able to give the client a visual interpretation with dimensional proportions and the finest of detail. The planning of detailed information allows us to verify vital dimensions; using CAD ensures such information is confirmed before any timber is machined.

Bespoke Build & Development

For the more technical joinery project we manufacture using CAD CAM, providing a complete solution for the integrated management of a project from design through to production. This ultimately optimises time, cost and resource, whilst ensuring absolute accuracy, tolerance requirements and reducing waste.


Why Go Bespoke

Visual Expectations

CAD drawings will give our clients an understanding of how a bespoke project will look once installed.  It provides us with drafting tools to bring your engineering ideas to life with the accuracy you require.

Reduce Wastage

Because we are now able to design within very high tolerances, we are able to reduce wastage of raw materials. Gone are the days when problems occur at time of installation and a craftsman has to adjust sizing on site or return to the workshop for a rebuild.

Custom Made